Hi, thank you for landing on my page.

The information you are interested in, you will find here. Everything is exactly explained, so you will know what you are doing wrong and what you need to change, to lead a healthy lifestyle.
I am not scientific or a nutritionist by profession, but I know what is good and what is bad about a healthy lifestyle. You see, I'm over 60 y., my weight is 75 kg, and I am high on 178 cm. I have a great appetite and I do not refuse myself anything. In addition, I love sweets, I need them every day. And so it lasts for years. I do not know what flu is, digestive problems or bad metabolism. But all this because I know exactly what can I eat, what is the order and what can be combined and what cannot be combined together.
Everybody talks about weight loss and how to lose weight, but no one really knows the right reasons whу dо we gеt fat? Whу get sick? Even such self-confident trainers and dieticians do not feed on himself properly. Here is everything described and logically explained, why being overweight is a global problem Nr1 and how to deal with it. 
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