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Date: March 8, 2019

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Excess Weight Gain as well as slim down problems, has become the worldwide plague. Furthermore, no one can explain what is the real cause of overweight.
Of course, we can blame "American style оf Nutrіtіоn", but this is not quite true, because there are three main reasons, why people suffer from this disease.


First of all: they do not consume appropriate food to reduce body fat. 
Another reason is: mixing some products together and in the wrong order, so as a result, digestive problems increase. 
But most noteworthy: lack of primary knowledge, about their own body, in particular, stomach.


So, if you want to improve your health and metabolism learn from the best: how to eat healthily, which dishes are best for your stomach, as well as how to avoid the recurring problem of being overweight.

The map below shows the highest obesity rates in the USA which is similar in the EU. While in contrasts to all EU and US countries, the Lowest rate has one specific country, Bosnia. Just 17%, which is an amazing result, the Lowest in all the world. 

Conclusion: It looks like such a low level they owe its cousin and the way of nutrition.

Obesity in U.S.A and EU countries


Best Fat Burning Foods to Slim Down

The Internet is full of different recipes of healthy dishes and fat burning foods that are supposed to make you lose weight and slim down.
But really no one writes why people weight gain, as well as how to eat and when, because even the healthiest products, eaten in the wrong order, can bring you more harm than benefits. Therefore, I encourage you to become acquainted with the Bosnian cuisine and the way of the Bosnian feeds, because they do not know what is obesity or bad metabolism, for decades.


Polenta with goulash

Polenta with tomatoes

Polenta alla Napolitana

Polenta with Olives

Check what Amazing Effects you can reach with these foods.


Become slim

No more catarrh

No inflammation

No premature wrinkles

Never suffer from the flu

Cleansing the organism of toxin

Lower cholesterol

No stomach ulcers
Get Huge Pleasure In Eating The Most Delicious Dishes
One of the most important products in your kitchen you must be:
Corn flour


Cоrn Flour (Inca gold)

Ideal Food to Slim Down.

-  as a medicine

- for weight loss

- for babies

- cleaning face

Try and make sure this product is a miracle!

It lowers pressure, so it keeps heart health, and because it's the real treasure of vitamins and minerals, therefore boosts immunity.
Corn flour is a source of niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate and vitamin B6, E and K. It contains fibers, carotenoids, 18 amino acids and essential minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese selenium, and much more...


 Corn flour as a medicine:

 - lowers high blood pressure
- lowers cholesterol
- against hard chairs and hemorrhoids
- prevents the formation of colon cancer
- Has antioxidant activity and prevents the development of many diseases, including cardiovascular and diabetes
- strengthens the immune system
- stimulates weight loss
- Good for skin


For weight loss

 When you eat maize flour, in any form it "fill" guts, thanks to its fibers that absorb water and swell in your digestive tract. The cup of yellow corn flour contains 8.5 g of fiber, which is 34% of the daily fiber intake for women and 22% for men. Apart from the fact that fibers have a number of health benefits, they also stimulate weight loss because their intake regulates digestion.

 In addition, corn flour contains little calories and accelerates metabolism, which is sure to stimulate the loss of excess kilograms. So, the corn flour for weight loss gives excellent results! 


For babies

 When you start gradually to introduce food to your baby, one of the best and the healthiest foods is definitely cornflour! Every mom usually asks what is good for the baby when she starts breastfeeding slowly over the food. Cornbread for babies is a great food because it is full of useful nutrients and besides, it does not contain gluten, so it is the ideal food to start feeding the baby. You can prepare different corncobs for your baby, with the addition of vegetables, bananas, and other useful foods.


For face care

If you want to clean your face and give it a quality natural, try peeling with corn flour! Corn flour is great for natural face care, just because of its rich nutritional composition. Maize granules are an excellent and abrasive mixture, so you can use a mask with corn flour for facial and anti-mitosis cleaning.
There are several recipes on how to prepare a mask of maize corn flour for facial scrubs, in any case, you can add what you find at hand: milk, yogurt, honey ...
The corn flour and milk mask is a natural old folk recipe for facial cleansing and tired skin recovery. Try and see for yourself this is a miracle remedy!

There are plenty of healthy dishes you can make with corn flour, for small children, the elderly, and in total for all, regardless of age and their health condition.

But in addition to corn flour, there are other dishes too, which are very tasty and rich in life-giving elements, necessary for the whole body to function properly.

Miracle Foods


Polenta - The low - calories meal, content: beta - carotene, pro-vitamin A, and is a very good source of thiamine (vitamin B1).
And is a good source of many other vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B5, folic acid, niacin, vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

Can be combined: -with goulash

Fake french fries or polenta sticks - (ideal for kids, the effect on health is incomparable).


Potato Pie - (one of the tastiest and most easily digestible dishes). Excellent taste and aroma, thanks to the process of combining onion and pepper enzymes.


Meat pie - (fantastic taste and smell).


Bosnian Ćevapi - (the most healthy and tasty dishes in the world. Toes To Lick. Ideal for a barbecue.


Bosnian Pot - (It is a combination of meat and vegetables that are long and lightly cooked). Ideal dishes for improvement work of intestines.


Hungarian goulash - The most famous dish of  Hungarian cuisine is actually goulash. 
This goulash is something different from what we do in Bosnia but one thing has common, fine meat melting in the mouth ...


Sarma - A real wintering refreshing meal that wins everyone's palate.


And many others...

So the choice is yours. Do you want still to try to improve your health, using methods that everyone repeats like a parrot, and stuck in place?... Whether to start nourishing yourself in a proper way, as other smart people do, who have never experienced problems with obesity?


Get your Blueprint Health now, and get out of the problems that trap you!

In this Blueprint, there is 3 separate product and you can purchase them separately, or as complete...


1) Accurate information about what really is obesity, where it comes from and why? What you need to eat, how and when. What cannot be combined, and why? As well as a set of prescriptions and instructions with video too, how to prepare those delicious dishes.


2) How to cleanse your body of toxins, with a natural product (not with some kind of chemistry). This is the first and most important task.

How to: -avoid and treat intestinal catarrh, diarrhea, all kinds of inflammation, blindness and premature wrinkles, and never suffer from the flu.
- to treat stomach ulcers, fat intestine, and other problems
-cleansing the organism of toxins
- lower cholesterol and keep it at a normal level, by eating Miracle Food.


3) You will learn how to prepare coffee and tea, to keep you harmless, because they are full of insecticides. Coffee and tea are one of the biggest reasons why people have problems with digestion if they are drunk in the wrong way. The same applies to fruit and various types of cheese.

What You Get in this Blueprint Health

How to prepare the most delicious and healthy dishes, you never hear about before


Learn how to:
- avoid and treat intestinal catarrh, diarrhea, all kinds of inflammation, blindness and premature wrinkles, and never suffer from the flu.
- to treat stomach ulcers, fat intestine, and other problems
- cleansing the organism of toxins
- lower cholesterol and keep it at a normal level, by eating delicious food.
And much more...


Learn how to:

-drink coffee and tea, that instead of harming you rather improve your metabolism,
(coffee and are precious if is prepared in the right way because contain insecticides).

- eat fruits to not expose your body to dangerous toxins,
(the fruits are healthy? Not for everyone!).
- eat cheese (one of the main reasons for the increase in overweight is improper consumption of cheese).

And much more...


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